Odontostomatological approach to pregnant patient

Pregnancy is a condition characterized by various physiological modifications (placentary and ovarian hormones release) that influence various organic districts, including the oral district. In this review were re-examined the rules about the execution of dental services with the relative indications and contraindications during the different phases of pregnancy, the use of the ionizing radiations and the pharmacologic therapy during pregnancy, considering the metabolic, anatomical haemodinamic modifications to which the gestant is exposed during this condition and considering the various parameters related to it: the pharmacokinetic modifications, the drug toxicity based on its teratogenic potential, indications, side effects and specific effects of drugs administrated, the toxicological aspects of dental amalgams and the use of the local anaesthetics during pregnancy. The authors conclude that pregnancy is not a contraindication for the dental treatment and existing an increase of oral diseases, the woman must be exposed to more frequent controls.

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